About Inflate

Our team is an award winning design and production consultancy offering unabashed, spirited answers to client briefs. Our priority is innovation, helping our clients to recognise the benefit of taking ideas forward to new levels and not simply adopting standard commercial solutions.

Through the design and production of Inflate’s own brand product line, our team has an in-depth practical understanding of taking a project from conceptualisation through to production and delivery.

If you have a project that demands and deserves a special approach, whether you have your own finalised design or brief without a resolved solution, our team can work with you to a achieve unique results.

We are an ever expanding team of people driven be creative opportunities who consistently experiment to find new and exciting ways to create buildings and environments around the world. Whilst our design speciality is air technology we always stand back and view each project or problem in its own right. As designers, we look for the most appropriate way to creatively solve the problems, and as business people we will ensure this will make you money.

Listening is a lot of what we do. We are not shouters. Our design does the shouting for our clients and us alike.