Dezeen X Samsung TV Competition


Samsung TV

TV Stand with an Integrated Inflatable Canopy

This summer, Samsung teamed up with Dezeen to launch a competition to
reimagine the TV stand for their newest curved screen.

Our design for a stand looked beyond how the TV is elevated to how it can
become part of the surrounding space. This is about taking ownership of
the environment that the user occupies and extending the television
experience beyond the screen into the room. To achieve this, we have an
inflatable butterfly membrane stored inside the TV stand, that when needed
will inflate to envelop the user(s). Facilitated by a small air-intake on the
underside of the stand, a quiet, low-energy, centrifugal fan (housed
internally) delivers enough pressure to inflate the wraparound pod. This
creates a private, immersive space that will help digital journeys to thrive.
Simply put, our design offers an overlay of privacy in an otherwise open
space, stimulating opportunities for interaction and entertainment, as well
as privacy and reflection.

The use of the Inflatable, as well as a practical means to create space with
minimal materials, is intended to create a gentle, tactile and forgiving
atmosphere – ideally suited to young children, the elderly or those
requiring additional sensory stimulation. Soft environments are comforting
and can help the vulnerable to feel safe.

We’re inspired community lifestyles that puts being together above all
else. We want a structure and space to cuddle in, feel warm in and immerse
ourselves in. The TV is the hub that brings us together. The TV stand and
its pod-like extension embrace this.

Nick Crosbie & James Bristow

| 2017