Alpha Dance Fashion



There is a similarity between pattering for dress making and patterning for inflatables. As such, the opportunities and ease with which inflatable technologies can be applied to clothing and fashion is ever on our minds. For us the process of making garments feels quite natural. As well as serving the fashion industry, inflatables are equally suited to costumes – especially those requiring a high level of theatricality.

Here at Inflate, we are able to produce complex one-offs that could be very costly if made another way. Everything we design and produce looks like it’s a real product and not a stunt item. The ability to produce ones-offs is a big attraction in the fashion industry – particularly to those looking for cat walk show-stoppers.

Recently we have been developing inflatable “moonboots” and beanies, aimed at giving comfort (and some extra impact protection) while looking good on the ski slopes.

Inflate Studio

| London / Antwerp 2001-Present